10 Benefits of a Smart Parking Solution

Smart Parking can be considered one of the most widely accepted and fastest developing Smart City Solutions across the world. City garages, shopping centres, universities, and airports are just a few of the functioning bodies that have just started to realize the noteworthy benefits of automated parking technology. The ability to link, evaluate and automate data gathered from devices, powered by the Internet of Things, is what makes smart parking a reality.


Smart Parking makes use of low-cost devices, real-time data and programmes that allow users to keep track of available and unavailable parking spaces. The ultimate goal is to automate and reduce the time spent physically searching for the optimal parking floor, space or even lot. Some solutions may cover a complete selection of services which includes online payments, park time notifications and even car searching functionalities for large parking lots. Parking solution can significantly benefit both users and owners of the lot. The following are a few of the top benefits:

  1. Enhanced parking– Users can find the best parking space accessible, and save time, energy and resources. Parking lots are filled up expertly and space can be appropriately utilized by commercial and corporate bodies.
  2. Reduces traffic– The flow of traffic increases since fewer cars are required to drive around in search of an open parking space.
  3. Reduces pollution– Searching for parking can burn approximately one million barrels of oil daily. An ideal parking solution will significantly reduce driving time, lower the amount of vehicle emissions and ultimately reduce the global environmental footprint
  4. Enhances User Experience– Smart parking solutions can assimilate the entire user experience into one unified action. A driver’s payment, parking space identification, location search and time notifications can all flawlessly become part of the destination arrival procedure.
  5. Integrated Payments and POS– Regular users can swap out daily, manual cash payments with account billing and payments from their smartphone. This could also aid the start of customer loyalty initiatives and bring in valuable user feedback.
  6. Increased Safety– Parking lot employees and security can make use of real-time lot data that may help avert parking violations and wary License plate recognition cameras can capture relevant footage.
  7. Real-Time Data and Trend Insight– Eventually, smart parking solutions can provide data that uncover connections and trends of users and parking lots. These trends can be vital for lot owners, provide a means for adjustments and improvements for drivers.
  8. Reduced Management Costs– More automation and less manual activity reduces labour cost and resource depletion

As evidence of these benefits, the application of a smart parking solution would be a great investment for any government, company or city. The current parking inadequacies help prove the fact that there are approximately four parking spaces per vehicle in the United States, and it is still a gruelling task to find a spot. As the worldwide population continues to grow and develop, it is important to employ a well-thought-out and convenience-driven parking solution that can be applied globally.


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