10 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Parking

Avoid the stresses of parking and dodge those bumps and scrapes with these 10 straightforward tips to help you park your car.

Research conducted by Citroen, the French car manufacturer, tells us that 25% of drivers admit to bumping other cars while parking, while 65% of us are more than willing to hunt down parking spaces with no other cars nearby to avoid a struggle.

It is a great deal of stress that could be evaded by following these 10 parking tips.

Take it slowly

Remember to drive slowly when you are getting ready to park. Do not submit to the pressure from other drivers to hurry and move out of their way. This makes you susceptible to costly mistakes made in haste.

Even scuffed alloy wheels, which are easy to fix with the latest line of low-profile tyres, can be costly to repair.

Think about how you will get out of the space

It is best to reverse into a parking space if you can. It makes it safer and easier to pull out into traffic than it is to reverse.

Use your eyes

Do not depend solely on your parking sensors if your car is equipped with them; focus on your mirrors and look over your shoulders habitually when you are manoeuvring your car.

Practice makes perfect

Quite a few drivers enjoy parallel parking but it really is not hard to pull off. Try setting up a practice area in an empty car park to get your technique down. An hour investment will perhaps turn you into a parking genius before you know it.

Which side of the road to park on?

Try parking on the right-hand side of the road when you are parallel parking on the street. It is much easier and safer than having to cross both lanes of traffic to park.

Use technology if you have it

If your car is equipped with self-parking technology, then by all means, use it. It might seem like sorcery but it really works and removes any parking anxieties. If you are not confident enough to use it, your dealer will be more than happy to give you tips and demonstrations.

Think about other road users

Be sure to leave enough space for trucks and other large vehicles to get past your parked car. This is particularly important near corners, junctions and side roads where they will need to make wide turns.

Do not forget when your parking ticket runs out

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you when you need to return to your car, if there is a time limit on your parking space.

Take a note of where you have parked

There are parking apps are offered for your smartphone to remind you where you have parked your car. This will prove to be very useful in strange cities or large multi-storey car parks.

Be prepared

It is a clever idea to keep some loose change in your car, to be sure that you will always have the right amount of money to use in a parking meter.

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