A Sneak Peek Into The Future Of Parking

The future of parking seems bright. Although it hasn’t looked like there has been much innovation in the decades that the industry has been around, there is still some talk of development in it for the future; after all, it is a $25 billion industry.


There has been quite a lot of investment being done in the creation of energy-efficient hybrid and electric vehicles; however, this has not served to solve the global congestion. Whether a car is electric or not, it still has a major effect on the urban congestion that gas-powered cars have. There is also still the need to park too. That hasn’t changed a bit and it’s probably going to become an even more urgent need too.


Bill Ford, the Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company, states that “The global gridlock crisis will “stifle economic growth and our ability to deliver food and healthcare…[and] our quality of life will be significantly compromised.”


He also spoke at the 2011 Intelligent Transportation World Congress in Orlando, Florida and expressed the vision he had of a future where each care was able to connect and communicate with each other. He says that he can see a future where all people have to do is reserve a parking spot at their destination and they will be “be automatically directed to the quickest route based on real-time data being sent by the cars driving in front of them.” Wow!


There are even companies who aim to build a Smart Parking Ecosystem which uses all the major players in the system, like the motorists, meters, parking lots, merchants, cities and more. They can even integrate airports, shopping centers and universities to the mix, too. Once you are able to manage the supply and demand of parking, you will allow cities and motorists to make smart transportation decisions.


They will be able to use each aspect in the parking management technology as one integrated system to gain a better understanding of your city’s parking and implement developmental changes. This will include “street-level sensors to mobile apps, analytics and system management software”.



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