All About Double Parking

Double parking? What is it? It’s pretty much something that we all hate, even though most of us may have done it at one time or another. It’s simply parking your car in a way that stops someone else from moving their car.


It can happen on the street. Double parking on the street is against the law. You can get fined from it and it means that you have parked your car “parallel to a car that is parked next to the curb”. This not only means that the other car is blocked, but oncoming traffic is also blocked. There are some drivers who also leave their cars parked with their hand breaks off, so that the cars could be pushed by other drivers who want to get into their vehicles and depart.


There is also double parking in parking garages with attendees. This is a method which is used by attendees to fit as many cars as they can into the garage. What really happens here is that the attendees or valets hold all the keys to the different cars that they park. When a driver needs to get out of their car and their car is blocked, the attendee simply goes to the spot and removes the car that’s blocking it, so that they can move the desired vehicle.


Finally there is parking in more than one spot. This is a common idea of double parking. The car is usually parked over the lines in the parking spaces, taking up more than one parking space.


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