Avoiding Parking Tickets In The City: Preparation

Parking tickets seem to be one of the most common offence for drivers everywhere. There’s always an officer writing one up. They’re really annoying and you can definitely do without it, so the trick is to ensure that you identify the things you need to do in order to avoid getting in trouble.


Ensure that you look out for a number of tickets that you may get where you’re in the city. Here are some of those things:

  • Failing to feed the parking meter
  • Failing to heed the time on the parking space
  • Parking in a restricted spot, like a loading zone or a disabled park
  • Red light cameras
  • Violating street sweeping policies
  • Incomplete or outdated registrations


A good idea is to prepare yourself by doing a number of things that can prevent you from getting into situations that will cause you to get a parking ticket. Check them out:

  • Ensure that there are always sufficient coins in your vehicle so that you’ll be able to pay the parking meters.
  • Ensure that you are aware of the parking and traffic rules for the area you’re parking in.
  • Ensure that if you have a park in the city just before a big event or a snowy day, you don’t mover your car. Take some other form of transport to work so you won’t have to end up parking your care somewhere you shouldn’t.
  • Ensure that you stay updated on the parking rules for the various seasons.


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