Awesomely Funny NO PARKING Signs!

“No Parking” – that’s pretty much all you imagine when you think about no parking signs, right? That’s what we thought too, until we came upon some pretty interesting ways of saying “no parking” on a sign. Take a look at 10 of them and have a chuckle a giggle or a huge laugh!


  • “Veterinary Hospital Parking Only – All Others Will Be Neutered”


  • “Car Park For Church Users – If you park here, you are liable; 1. TO BE BLOCKED IN; 2. TO BE PRAYED FOR!”




  • “This driveway is NOT parking for One Girl Cookies…not even for a MINUTE! – UNAUTHORIZED CARS WILL BE TOWED AWAY AT VEHICLE OWNER’S EXPENSE”


  • “DO NOT PARK HERE – The wrath of the ancients will fall upon your head. Your shoelaces will not stay tied. Rabid squirrels will invade your home. Food in your refrigerator will mysteriously spoil. Your vehicle will start making that expensive knocking sound again and no-one will talk to you at parties. – You will also mysteriously piss off the b*tch who pays good money for this garage and nobody wants that.”


  • “NO Parking – Monkeys poop on windshield”


  • “Harbour Lights Employee Parking Only – We B Towin’ & U B $ Payin’ $”


  • “No Parking Outside This Gate. My Mother In Law Steals Cars”


  • “Please – Do Not Block These Doors Unless We Say “Oh Alright Then, Just This Once”


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