Best Way To Reverse From An Angle Park

Reversing from an angle park can be a pretty difficult task. You need precision, patience and skill to help you do it correctly and without incident.  It’s highly likely that you may find yourself having to reverse from a parked angle if you park in a parking lot or garage.


Reversing from an angle takes a whole lot of patience, so if you don’t have any, you should probably avoid parking this way…or driving in general. Make sure you keep looking and remember to follow these steps:


  • Judge how much space you have between the parked cars on either side of you, by looking in your side mirrors to make a good judgment.


  • Put the car in reverse and take your time as you move it backwards.


  • Keep checking your side mirrors while you are slowly reversing, to ensure that you are going straight and to make sure that you are a comfortable distance away from the cars on your right and left.


  • Don’t forget to be mindful of the front right and back left sections of your vehicle.


  • When you realize that the back of your vehicle is clear of the back of the vehicle to your left, then begin to turn the steering wheel left and ensure that you are clearing the back of the other vehicle.


  • Keep your eyes open for any oncoming traffic or pedestrians, so that you can stop if the need be.


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