Better Parking By Better Adjusting Your Mirrors

The way your mirrors are adjusted can make a huge difference in how well you drive, how well you avoid accidents and how well you park. Take a minute to think about it and you’ll realize that those mirrors are put there for good reason. Make use of them the best way you can.


We’ll help you with these tips for the proper positioning of your inside and side-view mirrors.


For your inside mirror:

  • Position the mirror so that you’re able to view the entire rear window from your seat. Make sure that when you’re doing this, you sit like you normally do and don’t move your head or body, just your eyes.


  • If you’re 6 or more feet tall, it would be better if you can actually position the mirror upside down. This way, the bottom edge of the mirror is raised up to about 1 or 2 inches more, so a major blind spot is possibly eliminated for you.



For your side-view mirrors:

  • Place your head against the left side window and adjust the mirror until you can barely see the side of the car in the right side of the mirror. That’s for adjusting the driver’s side-view mirror.


  • This is for adjusting the passenger’s side—mirror. Place your head above the center console and make sure that you can just barely see the car’s side on the left side of the mirror. Let someone help you to position the mirror if you don’t have mirror adjustment controls on your vehicle.



You need to keep in mind that mirrors aren’t going to eliminate all the blind spots you have, but they’ll help you a whole lot when driving and especially when parking so position them carefully. Our services can also be really helpful to your lifestyle too. If you are looking for Ottawa parking for your car and monthly parking passes then give us a call to discuss the various Ottawa parking options, parking lots and parking spaces we have available. We have affordable monthly parking passes all across the city so you can be close to work and avoid parking tickets in Ottawa with the peace of mind, knowing that your car is safe while parked in your monthly parking space in Ottawa.