“Clarkson Parking” On the Rise

There are drivers who park their cars across two spaces to guard themselves against other awful parkers, and they may be among the greatest unfathomable ironies of modern motoring.

The trend cleverly term “Clarkson parking” is sweeping the nation, especially with larger car owners becoming progressively willing to guard their vehicles at all costs.

The divisive parking technique, coined after Jeremy Clarkson the former Top Gear presenter, has become increasingly popular among car fanatics who are often bashed on social media about their audacious parking.

This parking spectacle gives the impression that it is fuelled by the increase in large cars, and according to reports last year, vehicles’ expanding size over the years are causing a speedy upsurge in car park scrapes.

The growing size of vehicles is influencing bad parking practices as car parks were designed when cars were much smaller, in the Fifties and Sixties.

Another reason for this atrocious practice, is the drivers are worried about being able to exit their vehicles once they have parked without getting jammed. Clarkson-style parkers are self-interested as they were making finding a spot more difficult for everyone else.

There is a great irony in people who choose not to park appropriately to protect themselves from others who do not park properly.

Yesterday a man who was shamed on social media for parking over two spaces claimed he does it to protect his car from “clowns who can’t park or drive”.

Over the past 15 or so years, fashionable hatchback models have increased their dimensions by at least 16 percent on average, data from car makers show.

For instance, a Ford Mondeo is now 1.85 metres across and just over 4.8 metres long, which is an increase of 12.8 percent since 1993, placing it among some of the fastest growing popular sedans. In recent years huge 4×4 models such as Ram pickups have also surged in popularity.

The upsurge in larger cars have seen the number of car park accidents soar over the past two years, and leading professionals advise that typical parking spaces are no longer large enough to house these new, colossal breeds of automobiles.

If you find yourself being the owner of a large vehicle, or even wishing to occupy more spaces than you should please exercise utmost caution and consideration, to the benefit of not only yourself but other motorists as well.

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