Controversial Parking Tactics!

Parking in Ottawa can be such a thrill (we’re being totally sarcastic). It’s the most annoying thing ever, actually. But you can’t just leave your car in the middle of the street while you go on a 2-hour errand. So, we came up with some tactics that you can use to help you park (you maybe shouldn’t try all of these techniques, but here they are anyway).


  • You can push or pull someone’s car out of the way. Try this: use a tow strap hook to attach your bumper to the bumper of the car that “stole” your spot, then gently tow them out of the way, just enough so that you can get in. Oh yeah, hide the evidence when you’re done.


  • Make your own parking spot. Don’t you just hate when you see drivers park in a row of spots so carelessly, that there could have totally done better?! Thank God there’s still an extra space on the outside that you can squeeze into. No problem, no problem at all. Just park in that open space, get out your yellow or white paint and mimic the lines designated for parking.


  • Waxy your tires! This is perfect for those annoying meter maids. They come around and mark your tires with chalk, then they come back to check and see if you’ve moved at all, and if you haven’t they stick a ticket on you. All you got to do is wax your tires, so the chalk doesn’t write on it. Ha, take that, maid!


  • You can be the absolutely annoying friend who just mooches off his/her friends’ cars. Sell yours and don’t do anything but ask for rides. That way, you wouldn’t ever have to look for parking spots. Your friends will totally have to do it. Less work for you, phew!


These are awesomely helpful tips to use (or not). Ha! Our services can also be really helpful to you too. If you are looking for Ottawa parking for your car and monthly parking passes then give us a call to discuss the various Ottawa parking options, parking lots and parking spaces we have available. We have affordable monthly parking passes all across the city so you can be close to work and avoid parking tickets in Ottawa with the peace of mind, knowing that your car is safe while parked in your monthly parking space in Ottawa.