Current and Upcoming Parking Industry Trends

Each and every sort of industry segments undergo some sort of change over time. Every year, the parking industry’s professionals are surveyed in an effort to determine trends in parking. You’d be quite surprised to know about this now $30 billion industry, for its new technologies, sustainability, better customer service and more.

  • The technological advances in the parking industry include electronic payment options, real time data of parking rates and open spaces, wireless sensing devices and more. The smart tools and apps are continually demanded to expand this field of technology.
  • The parking access control is actually at the top of the list of technological trends used to help improve parking access and control.
  • Customer service trends in the parking industry are now moving from cash payment to e-payment. There is an increasing demand for “credit cards, smart phones, apps, smart cards, and Subscriber Identify Module (SIM) card payments.”
  • There is an increasing demand for green or sustainable solutions to lessen on traffic congestion, increased carbon emissions and waste of fuel resources.
  • There is a societal impact on parking in which a number of factors about the population begin to impact parking trends. These factors include things like “aging population of baby boomers, the growth in urbanization particularly by the millennials…unemployment…consumer confidence, population growth, government regulation, and fuel prices.”
  • The economic development impact is also a necessary component of your city’s parking strategy, which has caused a focus on parking, as an engine for municipal economic development.

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