Disabled Parking Space Drama!

So you like to break the rules, huh? You like to take up two parking spots when you don’t need to? You like to zoom into a spot that someone else was eyeing? You like to park in the disabled parking spots and leave those disabled folks to fend for themselves? Okay! How’d you like this?


What if one fine day of breaking the rule and parking in a disabled spot, you came out to get your car and couldn’t see it? All you could see was a ton of sticky notes in the shape of a car. Ha! That actually happened to someone. Yes, it really did – it happened in southern Brazil.


A man parked in the disabled parking spot and came back to find his car completely covered in blue and white sticky notes.  The blue notes were just all over and the white ones were stuck in a way that they formed an outline of a man sitting in a wheelchair, just like the one in the disabled parking lot sign. He was super embarrassed.


He ripped some of them off of his windscreen and he ripped some off the driver side of the car. He still couldn’t go because some of the sticky notes were still blocking him from seeing through the windscreen, so of course, he had to get out and (furiously) rip off some more.




Of course, there were lots of amused onlookers there, taking pictures and videos for their amusement and for the amusement of the rest of the world. Then, the poor guy angrily sped off. Guess he learned his lesson.


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