Don’t Get A Parking Ticket.

Don’t you just hate them? Nobody likes a parking ticket, especially when you weren’t even going to park for very long anyway! It doesn’t look like they’re going to go away, though. As long as there are more vehicles than proper parking spaces, then people are going to be fined! If you’re in Ottawa, don’t be one of those people.


According to the International Parking Institute in Fredericksburg, you just need to do these simple things that’ll help you stay away from that frustrating fine.


  1. Pay the meter.It is so simple! We don’t know why people don’t do it. No, don’t turn on your car’s flashers and just “park there for a minute” – that won’t help you escape. That will just draw more attention to your vehicle.


  1. Pay electronically.You can actually get a mobile app which enables you to use your credit or debit card to pay for a parking spot in the street. They’ll even tell you when your time is about to expire.


  1. Carry quarters.Bring along your quarters so you can always pop ‘em in the meter if you need to one day along your daily journey.


  1. Try parking in a garage. This is for longer time periods. It’s better to just park in a nearby garage instead of constantly having to check your meter


  1. Keep your eyes open for the signs. Not seeing the signs is no excuse. “Check for them whenever you’re about to park. Also, remember to stay away from fire hydrants, handicap zones or pedestrian crossings when parking.



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