Don’t Park In These Places


We know you love your car and you don’t want anything to happen to it. You would hate if someone decided to break into it and steal your stuff, or if somebody decided to steal your whole car itself. That would really suck.  That’s why we want you to take our advice on the kinds of places that you shouldn’t park at all. It will save you a lot of trouble.


Don’t park in low-traffic areas. Potential perpetrators don’t want to be caught in the act of breaking into your car. That’s why they prefer areas where there isn’t much traffic passing by. It is less likely that passing drivers will see them and they will less likely be caught or identified as the doer of the act. Ward them off by parking in areas where there is a busier flow of traffic moving by. You’ll be glad you did.


Don’t park in poorly lit or dark areas. Just like in the previous note, we showed you that if the potential perpetrator is less likely to be seen, he/she will be more likely to commit the act. If your car is more likely to be seen (e.g. if it’s parked in front of a store or under a streetlight) you can deter criminals from interfering with your car.


Don’t park anywhere overnight. Your car is most likely a target at night. There are even some especially bold criminals who will take the chance to break into your car when it’s parked in your very own driveway and you’re right there at home, so you can only imagine how much more likely it is for them to do that when your car is left at an empty parking lot or garage all night. Don’t take that chance! Take your ride home with you if you can or take measures to ensure that your car is in a well-lit area with more traffic flow if you can’t.


Keep in mind that “$1.25 billion in personal items and accessories are stolen from vehicles in about 1.85 million thefts each year.” Keep your car safe! Our services can also be really helpful to you. If you are looking for Ottawa parking for your car and monthly parking passes then give us a call to discuss the various Ottawa parking options, parking lots and parking spaces we have available. We have affordable monthly parking passes all across the city so you can be close to work and avoid parking tickets in Ottawa with the peace of mind, knowing that your car is safe while parked in your monthly parking space in Ottawa.


One car in parking lot at night