Embarrassing (Men vs. Women) Statistics On Parking And Other Things

It has always been a war of the sexes, in just about every aspect of life. It seems like no matter where you go, you’d hear the argument that women are better at this or that men are better than that. We’re going to settle some of these speculations by showing you the facts about parking and other driving tasks that women or men, excel or fail. Check them out and see if you’re guilty of any of them too.

  • 52% of people forgot where they parked: 44% men and 59% women.
  • 43% of people accidentally drove over a parking lot curb: 35% men and 51% women.
  • 37% of people parked and locked their keys in the car: 34% men and 41% women.
  • 29% of people tried to open a car, that they didn’t realize wasn’t theirs: 24% men and 34% women.
  • 8% of people actually got into a car and then realized it wasn’t theirs: 7% men and 8% women.
  • 31% of people parked, placed something on the roof, forget it there and then drove off: 28% men and 34% women.
  • 27% of people got stuck in a parking spot, because other cars or objects were too close to their vehicles: 21% men and 33% women.
  • 18% of people lost their till ticket at the payment booth: 18% men and 17% women.

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