Finding Parking Spots This Holiday

You’re probably going to be really busy for the holidays, doing shopping and cleaning and running errands – so will three quarters of the country. Don’t get us wrong when we say Christmas is great, but before Christmas…well, that’s pretty much the least wonderful time of the year for parking. It’s going to be a jungle out there – a white, cold, people-filled jungle and the worst part is, you’ll have to find a park in this oh-not-so-wonderful time of the year.


Ughhh! It won’t be fun to get stuck waiting a half-hour for a park that you probably won’t get, that’s why we’re going to show you some ways that’ll probably better your chances of getting a good parking spot.


  • Try to estimate the amount and speed of the traffic, so that if you move quickly, you can scan the area for a good spot. Even if you don’t get the spot you wanted, any other spot will do.


  • Go one third of the way down the parking lot and then head down a lane. If you take the first lane or entrance, you’ll probably have no luck, because that’s what most other people were thinking about doing.


  • Try not to focus on getting a park at the front of the lot, because you’ll have no luck. If the traffic is moving at a good pace, then you should try to take a loop down the lane that you entered. After that, back up a lane three spots over and park as soon as you find a spot.


  • Get someone to be on the lookout for you. Simply get someone to scan the lanes near the one you are driving in and if they do find an empty spot, they can stand guard over it so that you can get to pull in.


  • You may not be able to find a spot in the front of the parking lot where you really want it, but you might be much more likely to get one at the back of the lot. You’ll just have to do a little more walking, but that’s better than no parking spot at all.



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