Great Parking Apps For You

Finding a parking spot in a big, busy city can be a real hassle. It may take you much longer than you anticipates and you may have to drive around and look around quite a lot. We know how frustrating that is. But why go through this? There are apps that you can help you actually avoid or cut down on the hassle of finding a park in a congested area. Here are some of those great apps you can use:


  • Parking Mate: Now this iOS app will let you know where the nearest and safest parking areas are and it also records the places you have parked before. It also can keep track of the time you have left at the meter too.


  • VoicePark(San Francisco): This app is great for helping drivers in San Francisco to find parking space. It offer you vocal directions on where you can find an available park. It even has a website that keeps a tally of San Francisco’s parking revenue.


  • Can I Park Here? (NYC): Now that’s a cool parking app name. It’s a cool app too, because it lets you snap a pic of a questionable parking sign and then it analyses whether or not you should park there. It also has a built-in alarm that notifies you of when you have 15 minutes left at the meter.


  • iSpotSwap: This is an app that lets you know when other drivers are leaving their parking places, so that you can zoom into it. The app also lets you know how much meter time you have left as well.


  • PrimoSpot (NYC, Boston, and Seattle): This app uses Google Maps and a parking signs database to help people who are driving in the stated areas to find parking. You can also get all the parking rules for the area that you’re driving in as well.




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