Green Parking – the ecologically correct decision when it comes to parking space issues

Why “Green Parking” by any means?


Individuals are filling the urban communities. With the following urbanization-increment and the reliably higher degrees of urban living space compaction, parking spots can now be considered among the rarest of uncommon metropolitan products. Congested lanes, completely possessed multi-story garages and underground car parks, drivers getting worried on parking place looks enduring an excessive amount of time: any desires for sparing valuable time go up in smoke, as do the CO² emanations that are released day by day on a huge scale. To be more correct, on a normal morning in a throbbing city, a fair sized diesel vehicle voyaging around two kilometers through primary and side lanes, customary parking garages and carport offices on the look for a free parking place releases roughly 400 grams of CO².


The automatic vehicle parking systems built by Wöhr are adequately ready to defeat these issues on two fronts. From one viewpoint, the vehicle parking regions inside structures are proficiently compacted. This implies through the end of driving walkways and slopes, the Wöhr parking systems are equipped for containing up to 100% additionally parking spots inside the very same territory being used in any customary multi-story carport as well as underground car parking office. The establishment of a Wöhr parking framework will besides bring about radically diminished CO² emanation levels, attributable to the way that once a vehicle has crashed into the framework’s car exchange lodge the motor is turned off. This quickly ends the engine ignition forms. The completely mechanized parking framework then conveys the vehicle into the designated parking space, with no stresses, stress or time weight at all.


With regards to diminished CO² emanation levels, Otto Wöhr GmbH has yet another treat in store for all the earth cognizant clients of their automatic car parking systems – enough to reinforce up individual trust in changing from vehicles with inward burning motors and along these lines high fumes discharge rates to perfect, electric drive engine vehicles. On the off chance that coveted, there is additionally the alternative of energizing electric vehicle batteries straightforwardly in the framework amid parking time. The framework is equipped for distinguishing the vehicle’s battery charge status and besides where fundamental, it can completely consequently trade a completely revived vehicle with another vehicle that should be energized while the individual proprietors are either at work, doing their shopping or at home getting a decent night’s rest.


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