Haunted Parking Garages

You’ve heard of haunted houses and haunted mansions, but have you ever heard of haunted parking garages? Well…you will now. We’re going to show you a few of the parking garages which seem to be visited by ghosts and ghouls. Hopefully you don’t park in any of them, but it you do, tell Casper the friendly ghost and his family that we said hi!


In the Meeting Street Parking Garage, Charleston, SC, people have reported strange things happening. The parking garage was actually built on top a Quaker graveyard. There have been reports of uncanny amounts of dead batteries, cold spots and strange, shadowy figures. The parking garage has actually become a popular destination for ghost tour companies to visit. It is said that the spirits of the dead like to follow tourists to their cars.


The Nationwide Arena Parking Garage, Columbus, OH was previously the Ohio State Penitentiary. The prison was 160 years old when they tore it down to build the garage. There was a fire in 1930, which killed 322 inmates, among others. There have been reports of the sound of flames that aren’t there, unexplained screams, bizarre orbs and smells of smoke.


At the Greenwood Mall, Bowling Green, KY there is the story of a man who parked in the lot and died in the vehicle. It is said that this man was unknown and when the authorities came and remover the vehicle, it let a grease stain that is here to this day. It can’t seem to fade or removed. Apparently, people who come to the lot and park their cars in that spot and leave it there overnight have come back to find a motionless man laid down in their passenger seat. It is said that if the vehicle owners called the police to remove the person, he would be gone before the authorities could get to the parking lot.



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