How To Park Forward With A Manual Vehicle

Driving with a manual transmission vehicle isn’t very easy and neither is parking one, especially if you’re only a new or learning driver. You may need a little help with some of the driving dynamics of driving (parking in particular) and that’s quite okay. We’ll show you some tips on the right way to forward park your manual transmission vehicle in a parking lot, or in your driveway or even on the street.


  • Move the steering wheel in the direction of the parking spot. You need to carefully navigate the vehicle, at not much more than 5 miles an hour.


  • Keep your foot on the brake and press on it slightly. That way, you have better control of the vehicle when your pulling into the spot. You don’t want to rush into the spot too fast and possibly damage your vehicle, yourself or other people or vehicles.


  • Be extra careful when parking near a curb, because you don’t want to hit it or hit cars or people in your way. Be very diligent when averaging or using your depth perception, to avoid an accident.


  • Begin to step on the brakes (softly), when you have pulled into the spot and then when you have fully pulled into the spot, then you can firmly press on the brake and let to car stop completely.


  • Keep pressing on the brake as you turn your steering wheel in the right direction, especially if you’re parking on a slope. Do this so that if your vehicle’s brake disengages, your vehicle will not roll away. In the case of parking in a flat spot, you can keep your wheels straight.


  • Put the car into either first gear or reverse. That way, you’ll have two systems giving you extra protection keeping your car parked in place.


  • Shift to first gear (or reverse) and set the parking brake. By leaving both the transmission and the parking brake engaged, you have 2 systems holding your car in place, which can help protect you in case one of them fails.




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