How You Can Save Money On Parking Costs

Parking can be pretty expensive, but you generally just have to deal with that, right? Wrong. There are things you can do to help save some money when it comes to parking every day, especially if you’re living and working in the city. Read below for the tips on how to save yourself money on parking costs.


  • Try catching a ride with a friend. Carpooling is a great money-saving tip, so make use of the good relationship between you and your neighbors and friends. You would be able to save money on parking and on gas as well.


  • Find out about economy lots that are cheaper to use than a regular garage. Airports, for instance, have theses but the only thing is that they are actually further away from your destination, so you’ll have to walk a bit more or take a shuttle to get there. You can also think about going to another, private company’s parking area to park, and you’ll probably be charged less as well.


  • Try monthly parking passes, like we recommend. This can save you money, because you’ll be paying a cheaper overall price for the use of the garage. You’ll also benefit from the extended parking hours you will be allowed to park there as well.


  • Take the train, the bus, the subway or some other form of public transportation now and then. It’ll save you money on transportation costs as well as on parking costs too.


  • Talk to your employer about letting you do certain jobs from home or letting you work from home on certain days. That way, you won’t have to spend a cent on parking on those days.




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