How Your Parked Car May Attract A Car Thief

Did you know that in the United States, in every 43 seconds, almost one million vehicles are stolen every year? Wow! That is quite a bit…and quite frightening too.


We know that you definitely don’t want to be one of those one million people, so that’s why you need to focus on the things that are likely to attract car thieves and make your car much more likely to be stolen. Here they are:


  • Your car’s model: Cars with good resale value are much more attractive. This includes Honda, Toyota, Acura, and General Motors vehicles. In fact, Honda Civics and Honda Accords were two of the top stolen care in the U.S. in 2012.


  • Your parking location: Cars that are parked in the front of houses and in driveways are least likely to be stolen, because of their level of visibility. That’s why you need to ensure that if you park your car anywhere else; that there is adequate security measures in place to help keep your car safe.


  • Items and environments that attract attention: Car thieves don’t like “daytime, kill switches, alarms, nosy neighbors and security cameras.” These factors make it much harder for car thieves to inconspicuously steal your car.


  • Your running engine: You need to warm up your engine, but you need to know that car thieves find this an ideal opportunity to do their dirty work. All they really have to do is jump in your car and drive off.


  • Your spare keys: Keeping those in your car is a big no-no. Not a good idea at all. All the thieves need to do is find the keys and they’re off (and trust us, they know where to find them).


  • Your valet keys: Although you may not know it, there may be a key inside your car that you didn’t know about. These valet keys can unlock the driver’s side door and start the car, but usually can’t unlock the glove box or the trunk.


  • Your Cracked Open Window: Yes, we all want our cars to stay cooler while parked or maybe you just forgot to fully wind your window up – car thieves notice that inch-wide cracked open window and use that opportunity to do what they do best.



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