If You Don’t Have A Disability, Don’t Use The Handicapped Parking


Finding a park is pretty tough. Being disabled is even tougher. So imagine how tough being disabled and finding that the only free spot (the handicapped parking spot) has been taken by someone who doesn’t even have a disability.


It’s an unspoken, gesture of generosity to ensure that those who have to struggle a little bit harder than the rest of us can catch a break by not having to walk that far to the entrance of a building. It’s just plain out selfish and disrespectful that people would take over these spots, so much so, that the city of Austin seeks to put down their foot on the issue. They have begun taking action against the healthy folks who are using those spots and don’t think they’ll get caught doing it.


It may be tempting to just swerve into that empty spot when you realize that there are no other parks available for you to drive into. Don’t do it…especially if you live in Austin! “… a new law [took] effect that not only imposes a higher fine, but the charge will be criminal. Those who park their cars illegally in a disabled spot in Austin will have to pay a $500 fine.”


There was actually always a fine, but it wasn’t that high. This fine has now almost double the original, which was between $255 and $300. It was stated that the fines and court costs for the first offence, will commence at $511.


You can even get fined for illegally using a place-card if you’re not disabled and you can also get fined if as a disabled individual, you allow someone to use your place-card illegally. You may face a $500 fine as well.

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