Instructions For Effectively Parking Between Two Cars

Finding the perfect parking spot is easy. Safely parking your vehicle between two other cars can be pretty difficult. If you carefully use these guidelines to help you safely and efficiently park your vehicle, you’ll see that over time you’ll be able to do it with ease. Read and follow.

  • Ensure that you position your vehicle so that it is in the middle of the parking aisle. Keep your vehicle as far away from the opposite side of the aisle if the aisle is made for just one direction of traffic. That way, you can get more room for turning.
  • When your vehicle’s front bumper is about halfway past the parking space, before the one you’re aimed at parking in.
  • Position the wheel towards the parking space you want and then slowly start driving your car into the space. Always keep a check n the left and ride sides of your vehicle so that there is a good amount of free space on each side.
  • As you’re pulling into the parking space, keep turning your steering wheel so that your car lines up in parallel with the vehicles parked on each side.
  • Keep pulling forward so that your car remains completely inside the parking space and try not to park too close to any car that’s positioned right in front of you.
  • Turn your vehicle’s ignition off and there you go! You can look at your vehicle and see how well you did.

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