Interesting Parking Spots

Parking lots aren’t really the most magnificent architectural structures you can think of, right? There are much more fancy things to look at, instead of those dark, lonely lots. Actually, we’ve found five interesting spots that are a bit above the usual parking lots we’re used to. Check them out.


First, we have Car Silos at the Autostadt. It’s really a car museum in Volkswagen headquarters, Germany. The magnificent structure overlooks an amusement park, which his based on an automobile theme. You can park in the automated glass tower and spend the whole day in the amusement part. The car park evens automatically come to the waiting lounges.


Second, we’ve got the Lincoln Road, which is a magnificent structure that houses approximately 300 cars. This parking lot has built-in “retail shops on every floor, roof top restaurants with view of Miami skyline and ocean.” It has a completely glass design, making the best use of natural light and air. It was designed by the architects, Herzog and de Meuron.


Umihotaru the Floating Car Park is located in Tokyo, Japan and is “built on an artificial island of Umihotaru.” It seems to look like a cruise ship on water. From the parking lot, you can see the beautiful view of Tokyo and you can also “[commute] through aqua-line which is the country’s longest underwater tunnel and stopping for a halt or break from a long drive.” There are even art emporiums, retail shops and cafeterias within the car park.


We also have the Michigan Theatre. The building was a landmark and a pioneer in theatre business, when Detroit had an overflowing success in the economy. Bad times hit in 1976 and the building was supposed to be demolished, but it was too risky for the buildings surrounding it. Instead, it was transformed into a parking garage that would host legacy cars, like the one first built nearby, by Henry Ford.


Finally, we have the Robotic Parking Garage, which is located in Burj Khalifa, Dubai. It was actually considered the largest automated and robotic car park in the world. It is capable of holding 250 cars per hour (which means that there’s a “park-in and park-out” system), but it can house 765 cars in all. It looks like just another regular parking lot from the outside,  but you’ll be blown away when you look at its technology and engineering on the inside.



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