Is there a difference between a backup camera and a backup sensor for parking?

Many of us have had that feeling before where we drive downtown Ottawa with all of the congestion and traffic only to arrive at the perfect downtown parking space and realize that we have to back into a tight space. It can be nerve racking to park in a parking lot that has wide spaces so parking in a narrow parking space only adds to the anxiety that many drivers feel.

Newer vehicles usually have rear backup cameras built in as an option or backup parking sensors. For vehicles without these built-in options there are many devices on the market that assist with parking such as portable rear view cameras you can install yourself.

Parking in Ottawa can be tricky during certain times of the year if there are a lot of holiday shoppers or events going on in Ottawa that limit the amount of parking lot spaces available and if people are in a rush and do not park properly.

We can all agree that having a sensor or a backup camera can definitely help with parking in your Ottawa parking space but which one is better to help with your parking woes. Well the answer to that question is not soo simple as it will depend a lot on your personal preference as well as your driving abilities. There are definitely differences between the two.

In the first case, the backup camera provides you with a visual and usually some guide lines on the screen to help you park in between the lines or cars in your Ottawa parking space. The second option is a sensor that makes a noise or indication that you are near or close to contact with something. It is good to have an audible warning when parking as it is a clear indicator that you should stop or readjust your vehicle to fit in the parking space better. On the other hand, seeing exactly what is going on behind you and how close you are to connecting with something can be more beneficial. Of course the most ideal scenario would be combining both technologies to make parking in Ottawa a breeze.

This information should help you decide on the type of parking technology you want in your car and if you are looking for a monthly parking space in Ottawa contact us for monthly parking pass rates. We have parking facilities and spaces across the city and within your budget. Give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect monthly parking space for your vehicle.