Let parking spots tell you when they’re empty.

Finding a parking space in a congested urban place can be a real challenge! No one likes to drive around and around looking for an empty slot to shove your vehicle into. Searching for a parking spot just adds an extra half an hour onto your list of things to do today.


We’ve got good news for you, though!  Hunt for parking spots no more! There have been new systems created to make it easier for drivers to find parking spots. They can sense which spaces are available and send that information to your smart phone.


Yes, that’s right. Every parking spot (once it’s covered by Urbiotica, an urban solutions firm) has a battery-powered sensor embedded in its asphalt. The sensors have detectors that can tell when the spot over it suddenly darkens. Oh, and this device is so smart, it uses a magnetic field and it’s able to tell that the shadow over it is caused by a metal vehicle and not a passing cloud or a person. Cool stuff.


When a vehicle has pulled up in the parking spot, the detector sends out a radio-frequency signal to a data collector. You can find these data collectors on lampposts and building facades. “From there, information about open spots can be sent to parking administrators, electronic billboards or drivers’ smart phones.” This system can even show you whether you’ve overstayed your parking time or fed the meter. They can be really convenient to you and your busy lifestyle.


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