Monthly Parking, Parking Passes Can Save You from A Headache Trying to Park and Getting Tickets

Handling a car can prove to be quite expensive. Right before you begin counting the cost of fuel and servicing you need to first purchase the car, tax it and finally ensure it. The list keeps growing as in a couple of years you will need new tires. This sounds discouraging and makes the thought of owning a car not all that appealing. This is also due to the expansion and growth of car-sharing services and urban mobility companies.

For those who own or are still looking to own one and are looking to reduce the costs of running your car, there is a loophole that will really save you money. This is parking. Here we will talk about some simple tips you can use to save yourself up to 70% of your expenditure on parking.

Online Booking

Weekends are the best time to step out and explore Ottawa and all that she has to offer. From museums, nature walks, the beach, and the cinema. Families, however, make one mistake, they focus on purchasing online tickets, packing lunch and snacks and getting ready for the trip but forget an important part of the journey, they skip booking their parking.

With the advancements in technology, it has become easy to book a parking spot online at the comfort of your couch. These sites offer deals that save up to 70 % of your annual parking costs. The main advantage is that you have a guaranteed parking spot rather than going around town wasting both time and fuel looking for a good spot to park.

Monthly Parking

This is one of the most well-hidden secrets. Professionals all around Ottawa find it almost impossible to get a parking spot which is both close to town and secure. Homeowners and businesses responded to this by covering the deficit in the market and coming up with a fixed monthly rate offer.

With a monthly parking plan, you gain access to your parking spot 24/7 with a personal parking pass card making your access easy and unlimited. Monthly parking ensures that you are guaranteed a spot which is in close proximity to your office making it convenient. Other benefits of monthly parking include:

  • 24/7 access
  • Consistent monthly invoices
  • Guaranteed and reserved a parking spot.
  • Guaranteed security for both you and your car

A car may not be necessary but for those who own one, this tip should reduce your annual costs making it all worth it.