Monthly Parking Pass in Ottawa vs New York parking

We all know the trouble of finding an affordable parking space in Ottawa for our cars. If you work downtown then you likely already understand the benefits and cost-savings of a monthly parking pass. While we all wish that parking was free, the funds collected go to maintaining secure spaces and convenient locations – not to mention the taxes the city collects that the parking lot owner has to pay and all of this goes towards maintaining our transportation routes. So if we can’t get free parking in Ottawa then the next best thing is an economical monthly parking pass that can save us a ton of money while providing us with exceptional convenience of parking close to your workplace.

The good news is that you can likely claim your monthly parking pass on your taxes and the even better news is that parking in Ottawa is a lot cheaper than New York City. An average monthly parking pass in the Big Apple will run you around $500-700 per month depending on location with some even over a thousand dollars. In comparison, parking in Ottawa is a lot cheaper. Even if you were to just pay at the meter every day you would still be saving a fortune compared to what you would pay in New York City. You’ll save even more when you purchase a monthly parking pass in Ottawa as the cost for a monthly parking pass is more than sixty percent cheaper than if you were to get a similar parking pass in the empire state.

Ottawa may be a smaller city in terms of population, however there are still a very high demand for convenient parking spaces, especially when you factor in all of the students going to Ottawa University and the government employees. There is a lot of activity downtown and there are limited parking spaces. A monthly parking pass will ensure that you have a reserved parking spot for your car so you won’t be late for work and your commute will be shorter as you won’t be searching and searching for a parking space. It seems that even though a monthly parking pass is an additional expense, it is still a lot cheaper than if you were to park near your work in NY.

We have parking lots all over Ottawa and very affordable monthly parking passes that will have you close to work and resting easy with peace-of-mind knowing that your car is parked safely and you won’t get a parking ticket or fine for an expired meter. Additionally you will be able to get some money back on your taxes in many cases.

Give us a call or fill in the contact form to get some information on parking spaces that we have available in Ottawa as well as some monthly parking prices in Ottawa to save you some money, time and frustration of looking for a parking spot everyday.