Never Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant

This, fellow drivers, is why you should never, ever, EVER park in front of a fire hydrant. We are going to show you why you shouldn’t do it, by telling you what happened to a driver who did it in Boston.


Headline: “Boston firefighters smash BMW windows to feed hose through so they can reach 8-alarm fire”


Yikes! A BMW owner in Boston illegally parked his car in front of a fire hydrant. This incident became really unfortunate when firefighters had to tackle an 8-alarm blaze. They couldn’t tow the vehicle quickly enough, so they had to smash the BMW’s windows and place the hose through it in order to put the fire out.


At first, it kind of looked like the firefighters wanted to teach the BMW owner a lesson by smashing his windows, but the firefighters actually reported the reasons that they did that. They did that because they couldn’t wait to have the car towed and the fire hose needed to be as straight as possible so that the water pressure would not waver.


They reported that the fire had initially started as a 6-alarm one, but then moved up to an 8-alarm fire, because of the close proximity of the houses. The fire had apparently spread to 3 more houses before the firefighters could gain some control over it.


Ironically, it is believed that one of the cars that were parked in the garage of one of the homes actually exploded and started the fire. Thankfully, everyone escaped safely from the fire.


…and the moral of the story is – never park your car in front of a fire hydrant unless you want to have your windows busted out by a huge fire hose.


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