New Driver Parallel Parking Tips For You

Most new drivers aren’t necessarily great at driving or parking. It’s only with time, practice and experience, that drivers tend to improve their skills on the road. Parallel parking, is one of the trickier kinds of parking techniques there are – it’s pretty unavoidable as well. Anywhere you go, you are going to be likely to find that at some point or another, you will have to parallel park. You’ll be glad for some valuable tips that can help to make this kind of parking much easier for you. We’ll show you.


  • Do some practicing with cones or with large boxes.
  • Don’t try to force it when you park – if you aren’t comfortable with the angle that you have taken to park, you should pull out and try it again.
  • Ensure that you leave enough space for the car in front of you to leave their spot.
  • Ask the passenger in your vehicle to help you out by directing you into the spot you want, because you might find it a bit hard to figure out how much room you have behind the car.
  • Try to find a parking spot that you can pull straight into, instead of trying to fit into a small parallel parking spot.
  • Remember to look back and check on the traffic.
  • Always keep your foot near to the brake pedal, not on the gas.
  • Ensure that if you are behind a car that’s signaling to parallel park, then you should give them room to operate or pass right away.
  • See that the space you find to park, is at least 6 feet longer than your vehicle.
  • Before you pull in, flash your brake lights and put on your turn signal.
  • Slowly and easily ease into the parking spot you were aimed at.


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