Over $105,000 In Parking Tickets?

Wow! Is that even possible? Yes, it actually – it happened to a woman named Jennifer Fitzgerald. She’s now in a huge conflict with the City of Chicago over the $105,000 parking fines. How many parking tickets does someone need to get in order to accumulate such a huge debt? Exactly 678 parking tickets – that’s how much.


Thankfully for her, the whole situation diffused when a judge dismissed her lawsuit against the City of Chicago. She had sued the city for repeated ticketing the vehicle, instead of towing it and impounding it – she stated that the city had broken its own laws and when it did that, all the tickets started banking up and she had to suffer the effects of it.


She also rejected the city’s offer to have her pay a fine that totaled to less than $2,500. She said that she rejected it because Brandon Preveau, her ex-boyfriend, would not pay the amount. She and her lawyer claim that her former boyfriend is the true owner of the vehicle, but he abandoned it in an employee lot. Fitzgerald claims that she could not get to the O’Hare airport, where the fines just kept growing bigger.


Fitzgerald holds her position that the whole matter isn’t her fault. She told Fox Chicago that “He knows that that’s his car. He knows I couldn’t get into that lot…I think it’s just a big misunderstanding. I could not get in that lot to move that car. He had the car keys, he had everything.”


Despite the fact that the judge dismissed Fitzgerald’s lawsuit, he still urged her to look for another approach to file a new lawsuit. Judge Thomas Allen called the city’s action “a ridiculous, robotic march to write tickets on a $600 junk car,” says DNAinfo Chicago. The 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo had title of the most ticketed vehicle in Chicago’s history.


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