Parking Advancements in 2016

2016 was a time of development for the parking business. Between the acquisitions, item dispatches, occasions and item establishments, the parking business flaunted its absolute best and molded the way individuals park everywhere throughout the world. While there was much differences in the kind of news distributed, here are the most discussed themes of the parking business in 2016:


Smart City

The term smart city has been around for a couple of years as of now, however its significance in the improvement of arrangements expands every year. As an inseparable unit with smart city, smart parking is another prevalent term of 2016 connected to probably the most critical parking arrangements in the business, for example, parking applications, sensors, RFID perusers and parking administration systems that interface everything.


Automatic car park systems is another parking arrangement identified with smart city and smart parking that saw a great deal of development this year. While we could expect that all automatic car park framework suppliers are the same, actually every one offers one of a kind administrations and components.


Airplane terminal Parking

In our ever-associated world, airplane terminal related administrations are critical. This has prompted to the development of airplane terminal parking and arrangements went for enhancing it. In the current year’s APNE, income yield and administration and also digitalization of airplane terminal parking were the absolute most discussed subjects. The expansion popular for ev charging stations and administrations, for example, off-air terminal parking and Uber are changing the substance of airplane terminal parking.



Acquisitions assumed an immense part in the parking business. From SKIDATA procuring Protection Technologies, Inc, TagMaster obtaining Balogh, to TIBA Parking Systems securing Signature Controls Systems, the year was loaded with associations that will unquestionably acquire inventive parking arrangements 2017.


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