Parking At Your Convenience

As cities become larger and as transportation technology changes, there is now a need for designated parking spaces and areas that are available and convenient.

The technological advances in the parking industry include electronic payment options, real time data of parking rates and open spaces, wireless sensing devices and more. The smart tools and apps are continually demanded to expand this field of technology.

However, are you tired of trying to fit into tight parking spaces in parking lots or garages? Have you ever had to park your car in a very difficult to reach spot? Are you really good at dealing with this? Really bad? If you’re not that good, probably because you’ve rarely had to park in difficult places before. You may have been fortunate to have dedicated parking on quiet streets, on driveways, etc., until now.

Maybe your current parking space is in a garage with pillars all around, tight corners, etc. If you have a larger vehicle, you might expect your assigned spot to be difficult to utilize, but there are some tips you can use to make it easier for you. Just read below…

  • There are always parking spots just for you – all you have to do in order to fit into small spaces is drive very slowly whilst reversing. This makes it much easier to steer accurately, without risking hitting the curb or hitting other vehicles.
  • Take care to look out for low obstacles which will be impossible for you to see while carrying out the maneuver.
  • Be especially aware that children may run behind your car while you are reversing.
  • Keep looking all around the check for other vehicles and/or pedestrians.

If you are looking for Ottawa parking for your car and monthly parking passes, then give us a call to discuss the various Ottawa parking options and parking lots and parking spaces we have available. We have affordable monthly parking passes all across the city so you can be close to work and avoid parking tickets in Ottawa with the peace of mind knowing that your car is safe while parked in your monthly parking space in Ottawa.