Parking Garage Safety Tips You Should Follow

Parking garages are a generally safe place to park your vehicle. However, there may be certain dangers that may lurk around or present themselves in such a garage, especially if there is dim lighting in the area.


You need to be rather careful of the parking garage environment, so that you can remain safe and sound when parking in the garage or exiting it. We’re going to show you some of the things you can do to help you safeguard yourself from criminals who may be lurking around the area. Pay attention and we’ll show you:


  • Make sure that you identify all the entrances and exits when you are entering into a parking garage.


  • Always try to park next to an entrance or in an area that is sufficiently lit.


  • Don’t forget to do things like lock your doors, roll up your windows and close your sunroof.


  • Never leave your valuable inside your car, especially not in plain view.


  • Walk swiftly towards your vehicle, with your key ready to unlock the car and start it up so you can go.


  • Keep your doors locked and your windows up in the parking garage until you have left the parking garage.


  • Simply ask the security officer to accompany you to your vehicle if you don’t feel comfortable.


  • Always report any suspicious activity that you notice, to the security officer.



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