Parking In A Stranger’s Driveway?

We know – the title sounds outrageous, right? It actually happens, though! A third of every neighborhood dispute is because of a parking issue. Some neighbors block driveways, while others, park in driveways! Now that’s a bold step right there. Talk about good neighbors, right?! Even complete strangers do it too.


Take Malcolm and Jenny Banks, for instance. They live near a hospital and many times, they’ve popped out of the house, only to find that some random stranger’s vehicle had popped into their driveway! Jenny said that sometimes, it would even be so bad that every week they would have new strangers parked there. Her husband goes on to say that “If [he] caught them [he’d] ask them to move but they shrugged it off claiming the hospital car park was full. They were often abusive too.” The audacity!


After calling the local police, they were only given the option of placing lockable parking posts across their driveway. That’s it. It’s not a high priority case, since it only has to do with private land, like a driveway. On the other hand, if it was on the public highway, it would be more of an urgent issue to police.


Basically, if the trespassing parker is threatening or intimidating you, then the police will handle the situation with a little more urgency, but other than that, the only solution is to protect your property by putting up gates or parking posts.


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