Parking Lot Accidents and Your Insurance

Accidents that occur in the parking lot are most times simple fender benders, but they occur quite regularly. There are many drivers who get confused when they end up in an accident in a parking lot, and even more are unsure of how their insurance company will take care of it. The confusion is often generated from the fact that the parking lot is private property and is usually seen as having an exclusive set of right-of-way procedures.

It is possible for your insurance policy to cover you for accidents that occur in a parking lot if you have suitable coverage. If you are not covered for collision insurance, for instance, you will not have coverage for any damage to your own vehicle if you are at fault in the accident.

Insurance should be applied correspondingly to an accident on private property such as a parking lot as on public roadways. Your insurance company would handle the claim in the same way; examining what transpired, figuring out who was at fault and handling payment of damages accordingly.

There is a set of rules that are useful in determining fault when an accident occurs in a parking lot. Some of the rules are like those you would expect anyplace else, if you hit another vehicle from the rear, for instance, you will be found at fault.

Like accidents wherever else, if you are found at fault, you can most likely expect your rates to rise. Insurance companies do not make a distinction between an accident that occurs on private property and one in a roadway when it comes to calculating rates.

Accidents that are ruled as “at fault” in parking lots are handled the same way as any other accident and are sure to have an impact on your rates, except if you are carrying an accident forgiveness clause in your policy and it applies to that particular accident.

It may also be worthy to note that while parking lots may be private property, legal consequences to accidents that occur there can exist. If you are found driving under the influence in a parking lot, for instance, you can be charged with a DUI in the same manner as you would if it occurred on the street. Demerit points to your license may also apply.

The damage that is done to cars in parking lots often occurs when no other car is involved or when the other car fled the scene. This may be an outcome of a single-car accident in where the driver hit an object like a shopping cart or a situation where another driver opens a car door and hits the vehicle next to them.

If you are answerable for the damage after hitting, your claim would be processed under your collision coverage, and you would be at fault in the accident. This can cause your rates to increase. Generally, it makes sense to repair the damage without an insurance claim, depending on the extent.

If the damage was done while you were away, and there no note, your insurance company would treat it as a hit-and-run. If you have collision coverage you may not be held at fault, but you would have to report the damage to the police and attain a report. You would most likely be required to pay a deductible to repair the damage.

Drive with extra attentiveness and avoiding parking your vehicle in areas that are restricted will help to evade such damage.

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