Parking Tips For Seniors and People With Disabilities

There are quite a lot of seniors and people with disabilities who are bold and truly amazing enough to drive themselves and others, from place to place. Sometimes, they still need a little help with things like parking their vehicles. We have some tips compiled here, that can definitely help seniors and disabled drivers with parking.


  • You need to listen to hear any engines of backing vehicles, when you’re in a parking lot. You should also try to look out for reverse vehicle reverse lights when you’re parking as well. These are tips from the NYC Department for the Aging.


  • You should never park in the access aisle of a disability parking spot, because these spaces are usually shared and in actuality, a driver that is parked in the space next to you, may actually need to use the area to move about with their mobility device and wheelchair. This is a tip from the Minnesota State Council on Disability.


  • You need to make adjustments for impairments such as slow reflexes and other things, which may alter your ability to take “prompt evasive action”. You need to be extra careful when you park in lots that are likely to require such actions.


  • You should also be aware of the places where you can or cannot park with a placard. You can park, says the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


  • You should remove your placard before you start driving. Remember that if you keep your handicap placards from your rearview mirror, you may obstruct your view. You should remove them before you drive off – only put them on after you have parked your vehicle. This was noted by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.


  • You should use some of these technologies to help you park more safely. You can use video demos provides by the AARP’s Driver Resource Center. Some of these technologies include Assistive Parking Programs, Reverse Monitoring Systems and Blind Spot Warning Systems.


We hope that if you are elderly or if you have a disability, you can use these tips to help you with your parking.


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