Parallel Parking Tips For Teenage Drivers

No offense to the 16-year-olds reading this text, but you guys and gals aren’t exactly the best drivers just yet…nor are you the best at parking either. When we really come to think of it, you can use a bit of help with parallel parking especially.


We know parallel parking is kind of tricky and demands skills, but we don’t want you to feel discouraged, because even the best and most experienced drivers have a little trouble with it sometimes. That’s why we want to offer you some tips that you can use to help you get through your parallel parking task:


  • Practice! Use cones or large boxes to help you.


  • If you start parking and you realize that you aren’t comfortable with your angle of approach, then pull back out and begin again.


  • Remember to give the car in the front of you enough space to pull out of their spot when they’re ready to leave.


  • If you’ve got a passenger in the car with you, you can let them help give you directions into your spot.


  • See if there is a spot u can pull straight into, then you can go ahead and park your car into the small parallel parking spot.


  • Remember to look out for oncoming traffic.


  • Keep your foot on the break, not on the gas.


  • Get a parking space that is about 6 ft. longer than your car.


  • Put on your brake lights and your turn signal prior to pulling in.


  • If you realize that you are behind a car that is about to parallel park, you should either give them room to operate or you should pass them immediately.


  • Always take it slow!



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