Part 1 of Fighting A Parking Ticket: Reviewing Your Ticket

Urrgghhh! Not a parking ticket! It’s one of those annoying pieces of paper you hate more than anything. Fortunately for you, they aren’t a criminal offence, so you can’t be jailed for it, but you can be innocently charged for it because you aren’t awarded the benefit of being considered innocent until proven guilty. It can and should be avoided to help save you the drama (and the money), but if you do get a ticket and you’re not in the wrong, you can attempt to contest your ticket.


It’s a process and we want to show you the several parts of the process that are important to winning your parking ticket fight. The first part of the process is the reviewal of the ticket. Here are the steps you should take…


  • Take a careful look at the procedure and the deadlines outlined on the ticket, so that you can have the information necessary for explaining how you can contest the citation and the time limit for doing so.
  • Immediately contest the ticket if you can, despite the fact that in most places you may have up to 30 days to do that. See if there is a contact number listed on the ticket, so that you can call and contest it as soon as possible.
  • Keep your eyes open for any possible errors on the ticket. However, you have to remember that the error must be a significant one in order for it to defeat your liability.
  • Take a look at the ticket to see if there are any changes or alterations in the ticket. Many times, some cities prohibit officers from making changes to your ticket. If you see any scribbled or scratched out info, it may automatically render the alteration unlawful.


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