Part 2 of Fighting A Parking Ticket: Gathering Evidence

The second, very important section of fighting a parking ticket, is the section where you must gather evidence for your cause. If you aren’t sure what you need to do to get all the evidence you need, then it’s a good thing you stumbled onto this post. Here, we’re going to outline the basic actions you must take, so you can start gathering.


  • You first need to take photos of the place you parked, but make sure to do this before you move your car, particularly if the dispute is about if the space was properly marked or not.
  • Remember, this is pretty much a defense in cases where the signs/notices of a prohibited or restricted parking spot was removed or hidden.
  • Make sure to take a picture of any sign which is unclear or obstructed from the view in your car’s position.
  • Take a picture of the curb and your bumper, if it so happens that the curb should have been painted yellow in a no parking zone, but the paint ended before the space you actually parked in.
  • Videotape the broken meter to show that it really isn’t functioning when you try to put money in it. Ensure that you do that as soon as you get the ticket so that you don’t lose this as a possible source of evidence.
  • Write down the names and numbers of any witnesses who agree that you don’t deserve the ticket, so that they can testify at your hearing. Having several people willing to testify that you were legally parking in the spot can actually help you to override the ticket.


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