Problems With Student Parking

Student life is tough in its own, so you can only imagine how much more difficult student parking problems can be. There are quite a lot of things that can make student parking a problem for these busy students. Well show you three of the things that students have to struggle with in relation to this kind of parking.


  • Students struggle with parking costs: The cost of schooling in general can be pretty expensive and you’d be surprised to see how much student parking can add to that. Many times, students have the option to buy a year-long permit, which can cost close to $200. There aren’t usually any discounts on the charge, either.


  • Students struggle with parking location: Most likely, the distance from the student parking lot and their class. That’s got to be a bother for you when you’re 20 minutes late for your morning class.


  • Students struggle with parking time restrictions: In some cases, students have no choice but to take night classes. There are students that unfortunately have to wait to park in faculty parking after the hours of the commencement of their classes and that can be rather inconvenient for them. This is especially inconvenient, knowing that if they don’t do that, they’ll have to resort to the long, dark walk back to the student car park.



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