Recommendations For Parking Lot Safety

You should approach a parking lot as safely as you would approach a road or an intersection. There are some possible hazardous situations that can occur in parking lots, parking garages and other such areas, so you need to be cautious.


We want to show you some of the recommendations that you should keep in mind when you enter or exit a parking lot, whether you’re driving or walking.


If you’re walking in a parking lot, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Always check out your surroundings and look out for vehicles.
  • Walk like the drivers that you see, aren’t seeing you.
  • Use sidewalks if there are any.
  • Never cross if you haven’t looked both ways.
  • Walk with other people so that drivers can see you more easily.
  • Wear shoes that are good for walking in various types of weather so that you can avoid accidents.
  • Don’t walk between parked vehicles. Walk down the main aisles of the parking lot.


If you’re driving in a parking lot, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians.
  • Park in areas that there are less vehicles and less pedestrians.
  • Try not to drive in reverse and try to pull all the way through a parking spot so that you don’t have to back out.
  • Drive no faster than 10 miles per hour, especially in bad weather.
  • Be careful with low clearance and tight spots in the parking lot.


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