Signs That You’re HORRIBLE At Parking

Well, if you don’t realize that you’re bad at parking, these people can leave a note on your car that sure lets you know that you are. The next time you park your car, make sure that you make your best effort…or let someone else do it for you if you can’t. That way, you won’t end up getting one of these unpleasant notes stuck to your windshield by a pissed off driver. Check them out and have a laugh!


  • “Your vehicle occupies two parking spaces. You must be special…or Republican.”


  • “Inconsiderate driver…You drive a piece of sh*t Chevy that doesn’t even deserve one parking spot, let alone two. It would be greatly appreciated if you only took up one parking spot or bought a Ford b/c Chevys suck. Thanks J”


  • “By no fault of my own I bumped your car. I feel I am not responsible as your parking job was mediocre at best. Call me to work this out. The damage is minimal from what I can see but there is a scratch on my car I’m sure you will pay for. Tony – ***-***-****”


  • “Yo driver, that is the worst park I have ever seen. You need help…from a concerned party.”


  • “Nice parking a$$-bag”


  • Nice car…but put it in a spot.”


  • “Congratulations! Inadequate parking skills like yours qualify you to become the next 3rd Stooge! Taking up 2 spaces with 1 vehicle demonstrates you have the talent!”


  • “Who taught you to park? Stevie Wonder?”


Ouch! Check out the sting on those notes! They may be a bit harsh, but we guess they’re a push in the right direction.


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