Some Excuses You Can’t Make For Your Parking Violations

We always encourage drivers to make use of the parking services we offer – it’s very convenient and it may save you quite the drama. You may try to quickly pull into a parking spot (maybe even just for a little while), to get something done or for whatever other reason you may have. You probably don’t even think about the parking violation you’ve just committed, but the State does. If you get caught, you might try to explain yourself out of the conundrum, with the following excuses, but they most likely won’t work…

  • “I was just running a short errand.” – It doesn’t matter how short the errand is or how important it may be, it’s an inacceptable excuse to park illegally.
  • “I’m late for a business meeting.” – Also a bad excuse, because being the CEO of a large firm doesn’t allow you parking privileges wither.
  • “There wasn’t anywhere else to park.” – That’s why you should join our monthly parking service, because it’s your responsibility to find a legal spot to park in.
  • “I didn’t see/understand the sign.” – Ignorance is not an excuse from the law.
  • “Only part of my car was parked illegally.” – Now this is a creative one, but it doesn’t work. Once your car extends onto a restricted are, you have parked illegally.
  • “My friend’s in the car” or “I left my parking lights/blinker on” or “I left the motor running and there’s a note in my car.” – Nope, not of these will work as excuses either.
  • “I was only parked there for a few minutes” – No matter if it was only a few minutes or a few days, once you park in a prohibited area, it is illegal.
  • “You didn’t give anyone else a ticket!” – This is a discriminatory defense tactic, which whether true or not, doesn’t stand as a viable reason to avoid being ticketed.
  • “…but everyone does it” – Well, if you want to take the bandwagonist approach to get a ticket, then so be it.

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