Some Important Facts About Parking Lot Collisions

You probably never paid much attention to it, but one of the most common fleet-related accidents is that of parking lot collisions. Furthermore, 20% of those accidents have actually occurred while vehicles were parked or were being parked. There are some definite hazards associated with these fleeting parking lot drivers.


We’re going to show you some very important facts related to the occurrence of parking lot collisions, related to fleeting incidents.


  • Fleet vehicles are most commonly damages in parking lot accidents, but basic defensive driving can help to lower the risk of collisions in parking lots.


  • These collisions usually don’t result in any physical injuries, but they do lead to a loss of time and money, when you have to invest in filing insurance claims, etc.


  • Many of these accidents can be avoided if drivers drive more slowly and calmly, with your eyes open for any hazards.


  • Parking lot signs can help to remind drives to use their seatbelts and to drive more slowly and carefully as well.


  • Having people pull through the opposite parking space, so that they’ll be able to drive forward out of the space, as opposed to reversing from the space when they want to leave.


  • A telematics study has shown that the telematics system can help to modify drivers’ behaviors, allowing them to navigate more carefully and to avoid collisions.


  • Most times, there are blind spots behind larger vehicles, that prevent drivers from seeing in their side or rear view mirrors, and if they aren’t carefully, collisions may occur then as well.



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