Some Of The Disadvantages Of Free Parking

“Free” Parking? What a joke. There’s no real benefit to it, especially not when there is a better option available for you, which is a monthly parking pass. We’re going to show you a number of things that you might want to know about free parking and its disadvantages.

  • Based on studies, free parking spaces can be very harmful for the environment. Not only does the number of cars that enter the parking area, cause a lot of exhaust to be expelled into the atmosphere, but the initial construction of the parking lot is a problem in itself. It takes quite a lot of energy to build it and when it’s built, the heat that the asphalt gives off, creates a need for people to use their air conditioning systems even more.
  • Forget about the word “free”, because free parking costs you money. This will add to the economic vitality of your local business district, since the parking space takes away from the actual square footage of tax-paying buildings.
  • Parking actually takes up a lot of the very valuable areas of land within the city.
  • Where there is free parking, there is more than likely bad behavior. People tend to take the free parking for granted – they don’t have to pay for it, so they don’t have to misbehave.
  • Free parking causes cities to miss out on very beneficial revenues, since they don’t charge for the demanded parking spaces that they offer.

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