Some Things You Should Know About Your Parking Brakes

Safety is a top priority for us, when it comes to parking your vehicle. You need to ensure that the location you park in is safe, the actions that you take while parking or after parking is of utmost important as well.

Your parking brakes are intensely important to the vehicle that you’re driving and to parking safety. It is a mechanical system which evades the hydraulic braking system in the event that there is an emergency or simply in an effort to keep your car from moving when it has been parked. There’s a self-locking tool that prevents the parking brake from releasing unless its lever or parking brake pedal has been released first.

There are a number of things you need to remember as it relates to your parking brakes…

  • If unfortunately, another vehicle runs into your parked vehicle, your parking brake will ensure that your car will remain stable and won’t roll away.
  • You should engage the parking brake while you press on the brake pedal and prior to shifting the gear into park. That way, the parking pawl won’t have as much strain on it.
  • Make sure that you actually make use of your parking brake, because if you don’t the cables may become corroded and stuck in place, causing it to snap when you engage it or you may just be unable to use the brake entirely.
  • Always disengage the parking brake before you start driving or you’ll damage the whole braking system.

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