Space Saving Parking Spaces in Ottawa

You may have seen it at one point or another and maybe you have even done it before. Have you ever heard of “space saving” for parking spaces? This is the practice of placing an object in a parking space to prevent others from taking the parking space so that you can have it when you arrive. People use all sorts of different objects ranging from chairs and pylons even in some cases actual human beings using themselves as human pylons sitting or laying down in a parking space to secure the spot for their friends or family if they are running late.

While this can be a good way to ensure you get the parking space it is not a very courteous thing to do and can actually cause some disruptions in the flow of traffic while at the same time placing people and property at risk of being damaged – especially if it is a human being physically occupying the space. In some cases this can lead to fines as well because it is illegal in many places. The ethical thing to do is just find your own space and leave the available ones open for those that need them at that exact moment. While it means you may have to leave a little earlier to make your deadline it is a small price to pay for having parking spaces open for everyone because you may be on the other end of the stick finding yourself needing a parking space only to find that it is occupied by some object.

All this being said, this isn’t to come down to harshly on those that practice parking spot saving because there could be very legitimate reasons for such behaviors in some cases however if you find yourself needing a reliable parking space in Ottawa then the best option is to look into a monthly parking spot as there are many affordable parking spots available for your car that you can definitely find a parking space in Ottawa for your vehicle. Since you will be paying monthly for this reserved parking spot you will have the peace of mind knowing that this space is reserved only for you and your vehicle alone so you won’t have to worry about trying to find a parking space in Ottawa anymore. We have monthly parking spots available throughout the city with a focus on downtown parking of course but give us a call and we can set you up with the perfect parking space within your budget. It’s a lot cheaper than paying the parking fines in Ottawa and is more affordable parking that paying at the meters each day.