Steps For Parking Backward With An Automatic Transmission

This is a great step-by-step guide for drivers of cars with automatic transmission. If you’re a new driver, then this will be particularly helpful to you. With these steps and a little practice, you’d be very capable of safely and quickly reversing into a parking space with your automatic transmission vehicle. Check them out.

  • Start off by shifting your gear into Reverse. Do this when you have just about reached the distance of a car’s length away from your spot.
  • Lightly press on the brakes while you back up into the parking space. That way, you can maintain your speed and control while backing up.
  • Carefully steer your car into the direction of the parking space. Remember that you must turn your steering wheel in the opposite direction than you usually would when you’re driving forward. In essence, if you want your car to move to the right, you’ll have to steer it to the left.
  • Either turn and look behind to see where you’re steering or look into your mirrors while you’re moving backward. You’ll probably have a more accurate average of the space behind you when you turn around to reverse.
  • Firmly press down on your brakes when you have fully pulled into your parking spot.
  • Now shift your gear into Park and set the parking brake in place.

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